Legal Notices And Terms Of Use

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Computer Programmer

The act of eradicating a characteristic from a program. Featurectomies are available teco zap cap reviews two flavors, the `righteous’ and the `reluctant’.

There used to be a device called a `Joyboard’ which was principally a plastic board constructed onto a joystick-like device; it was sold with a skiing sport cartridge for the Atari recreation machine. It is claimed that whenever the prototype OS crashed, the system programmer responsible would settle down by concentrating on an answer whereas sitting cross-legged on a Joyboard attempting to maintain the board in steadiness. This place resembled that of a meditating guru.

Legal Notices And Terms Of Use

Used as a reputation for absolutely anything. Similar to glitch, however often used reflexively. “My program just glorked itself.” four. for glark, which see. All these uses of `glitch’ derive from the particular technical which means the time period has within the digital hardware world, where it’s now techspeak.

For dialogue of a number of the basics of this tradition, see the How To Become A Hacker FAQ. It also implies that the individual described is seen to subscribe to some model of the hacker ethic (see hacker ethic). Sufficiently patched, kluged, and tweaked that the surgical scars are beginning to crowd out normal tissue (compare important mass).

That, it definitely does. Later microprocessor-driven IBM colour graphics shows had been really programmed to supply %keywords% green lightning! [proposed] Any bug perverted into an alleged feature by adroit rationalization or advertising.

The private name most frequently used as a metasyntactic variable (see foo). Allegedly in style as a result of it is simple for a non-touch-typist to type on a regular QWERTY keyboard. In Great Britain, `fred’, `jim’ and `sheila’ are frequent metasyntactic variables as a result %keywords% of their uppercase versions were official names given to the 3 memory areas that held I/O status registers on the lovingly-remembered BBC Microcomputer! (It is reported that SHEILA was poked probably the most usually.) Unlike J. Random Hacker or `J.

“JWZ thought the Mozilla effort slowed down as a result of the code was an enormous hairball.” three. Any great amount of rubbish coming out abruptly. “Sendmail is coughing up a hairball, so expect some slowness accessing the Internet.” (additionally hackishness n.) 1. Said of one thing that’s or involves a hack.

  • Used of or to a hacker, a very serious slur on the individual’s inventive capacity; connotes a design type characterised by primitive approach, rule-boundedness, brute drive, and utter lack of creativeness.
  • See Real World, swimsuit.
  • In its native habitat, the code grinder often removes the go well with jacket to disclose an underplumage consisting of button-down shirt (starch optionally available) and a tie.
  • In times of dire stress, the sleeves (if lengthy) may be rolled up and the tie loosened about half an inch.
  • Compare card walloper; contrast hacker, Real Programmer.
  • The code grinder’s milieu is about as removed from hackerdom as one can get and still contact a pc; the time period connotes pity.

See bitty box and toy. [TMRC] A visionary high quality which permits one to ignore the standard approach and come up with a very sudden new algorithm. An assault on an issue from an offbeat angle that nobody has ever considered before, however that on reflection makes complete sense. The geek code originated in 1993; it was impressed (based on the inventor) by previous “bear”, “smurf” and “twink” type-and-sexual-desire codes from lesbian and homosexual newsgroups.

Hacker Writing Style

It also connotes that case is ignored however case distinctions in knowledge processed by the device in query aren’t destroyed. plain-ASCII. Compare flat-file. from the phrase `flaming asshole’] 1. To publish teco zap cap reviews an e-mail message supposed to insult and provoke.

A glitch can occur when the inputs of a circuit change, and the outputs change to some random value for some very temporary time before they settle all the way down to the proper worth. If another circuit inspects the output at simply the mistaken time, studying the random worth, the results could be very wrong and really exhausting to debug (a glitch is one of many causes of electronic heisenbugs). Typical hacker response to information that anyone is having hassle getting work accomplished on a system that (a) is single-tasking, (b) has no exhausting disk, or (c) has an address area smaller than sixteen megabytes. This is as of early 1996; note that the threshold for `real computer’ rises with time.

[from the Mac slogan “The computer for the remainder of us”] 1. Used to describe a spiffy product whose affordability shames other comparable products, or (extra typically) used sarcastically to explain spiffy but very overpriced merchandise. Describes a program with a limited interface, deliberately limited capabilities, non-orthogonality, lack of ability to compose primitives, or some other limitation designed to not `confuse’ a naive user. This locations an upper certain on how far that user can go before the program begins to get in the best way of the duty as an alternative of serving to accomplish it.

To perform in an incomplete however marginally acceptable method, notably with respect to the writing of a program. “I didn’t feel like going through that pain and struggling, so I fudged it — I’ll fix it later.” 2. The resulting code.

[very common] To hack; implies that the topic is some pre-current hunk of code that one is evolving, as opposed to one thing one may hack up. Some aspects of hacker etiquette will seem fairly odd to an observer unaware of the excessive value placed on hack mode. For instance, if somebody seems at your door, it is completely okay to hold up a hand (without turning one’s eyes away from the display) to keep away from being interrupted. One could learn, sort, and work together with the pc for quite a while earlier than additional acknowledging the opposite’s presence (in fact, she or he is reciprocally free to leave without a word). The understanding is that you simply may be in hack mode with a lot of delicate state (sense 2) in your head, and you dare not swap that context out until you have reached a great level to pause.

A Portrait Of J. Random Hacker

“The system’s getting wedged each few minutes. Gas!” 3. To flush (sense 1). “You should fuel that old crufty software program.” four.

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