Blogger reveals explicit stories of homosexual “orgies” at Cambridge University

Blogger reveals explicit stories of homosexual “orgies” at Cambridge University

A bisexual writer has launched an explosive online journal revealing explicit stories of gay ”orgies” and ”tutor rendezvous” – at Cambridge University.

The controversial blog follows within the footsteps of Belle de Jour’s ‘Secret Diary of the London Call Girl’ additionally the crazy stories for the ‘Oxbridge Sex Blogger’.

In their explicit weblog ‘The Secret journal of the Cambridge Boy’ an anonymous pupil called Joseph Jezebel guarantees to reveal college life perhaps maybe maybe not present in the prospectus.

Their first diary entry ‘The Birth of a Queen’ reveals a ”euphoric” homosexual fling with a Downing College pupil adhering to a party that is drink-fuelled.

Joseph defines the intimate encounter in information and guarantees more stories of ”real life sexual escapades” involving ”orgies” and ”tutor rendezvous” at the college.

Talking to online pupil magazine The Cambridge Tab, Joseph promised a ‘raunchy’ real-life expose of life being a bisexual student during the college.

He said: ” we was thinking it could be good expose into the underground part of Cambridge – exactly exactly what it does not let you know into the prospectus.

”i am going to continually be really frank utilizing the web log, simply I won’t hold back with my descriptions of sex, etc as I was with the first post, and.

”I guess when I developed my confidence with dudes, my encounters got more raunchy, and therefore so will the blog. I do believe individuals are too prudish, and also this has to alter.

”I’m perhaps perhaps not ashamed of my sex. But I’d prefer to remain anonymous because it’s not at all something that I’m likely to place towards the top of my CV.

”Boringly I would personallyn’t need it to impact my graduate work leads as naturally individuals could have pre-conceptions of me personally when they had see the web log.

”Also, then it may also out my conquests, which wouldn’t be very fair now, would it if i outed myself? Anyway, it is thought by me helps it be a bit more exciting. ”

Earlier in the day in 2010 visitors had been stunned reading the ‘Sex at Oxbridge’ weblog which described a student that is female her virginity and detailing the genitalia of various enthusiasts.

Joseph’s blog that is first ‘The birth of the Queen’ had been uploaded on Sunday November 13.

He writes: I’ve decided that now is the time to share with the tale of my dual life, my bisexuality, together with life that is real escapades I have actually experienced whilst their studies at the prestigious, internationally renowned University of Cambridge……think orgies, think tutor rendezvous’, think explicit, think love. ”

Inside the very very first weblog Joseph describes getting ”pissed” at a Friday evening celebration held at Queens university inside the very very very first term at Cambridge University.

The writer unveiled he ”froze” as when he first laid eyes on an other student with ”big brown eyes, complete lips, and physique” that is stocky.

Joseph advertised he ”brushed my hand against their ass” and admitted he had been ”venturing into the unknown” and ”riding high”.

The set swapped cell phone numbers and soon after that evening arranged to satisfy in Downing College Gardens where they kissed for work bench in a tree.

Joseph began caressing the student, called Matt for purposes of this web log, before fleeing when their lover that is illicit asked to decelerate.

One homosexual pupil at Corpus Christi university told The Tab online magazine that the writer should really be unmasked.

He stated: ”It’s a shame that your blog is anonymous, nobody should always be ashamed of being homosexual, particularly in an accepted destination like Cambridge where pupils are pretty open-minded. ”

Your blog follows the looks this past year of this Oxbridge Intercourse blogger whom hit the headlines whenever she spilled all on subjects like ‘how good Blues actually are between the sheets’ and which nationalities were her favourite during intercourse.

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